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Once you have your web site created,
the next step is to have it seen by the world!
This requires a reputable company to 'host' it.

This can be achieved in many ways...

SELF MAINTAIN HOSTING: To start with, some of the younger more 'computer literate' customers, prefer to do all the work themselves. They also take on the responsibilities associated with keeping a site up and running and other maintenance that goes with it. That's fine as we have plans available for those folk.

PROFESSIONAL HOSTING: Most of our clients however prefer to put all their energies into operating their own businesses which they know very well, and let us look after the mechanics and maintenance of their site. Our clients range from Multinational companies to small personal sites and everything in between.

The cost involved in this choice is ridiculously low in comparison to the time it would take you away from your own business.

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We give you the host plan and you take care of it. You upload your site, set up e-mail and other connections and maintain it yourself.

There are several
plans available..

Take this link to our 'Self Hosting' area where you can see the plans we have available for you.

With our state of the art automated system, you are able to have your own hosting area within a few minutes.

You will need a current Credit Card which is securely authenticated using the latest bank methods and debited to your account immediately.

We upload your site, set up and take care of all e-mail, connections, codes and test etc., PLUS  we watch 24/7 & maintain it for you.

Using the site we have created for you. We set aside an area on our servers so we can host it for all the world to see.

Our technical staff on watch 24/7 watch your site in case of any unforeseen problems that occur from time to time on the Internet.

These days there is more chance of a site 'going down' due to huge numbers of virus and SPAM activities.

You would not normally know that your site is down for some time unless you visited it, however we know seconds after the event and go into 'save and protect' mode on your behalf.


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Let's assume you take the Professional Pack. How does this work?

Well, once we know how big your website will be and just what is involved in its placement, running and maintenance, we will offer you an upload and hosting price too good to refuse.

If you do go this way, when your site is complete we prepare a site for you on our hosting servers which will take care of any e-mail, forms and other intricacies that may be involved. We then delegate your domain name which means we point it to our servers so that anyone who keys in your domain name will be taken instantly to it. This operation takes up to 78 hours for it to propagate around the Internet. After that is completed, every server on the Internet knows exactly where your site is.

From this point on you are up and running. It is just a matter of letting all your current customers know your website address and advertising and promoting it to your potential customers.

Our very low prices are in direct relationship to the size, structure and type of site we create for you. To get an idea, they are as low as $20 a month.

When you choose your website from our thousands of options, we will be able to quote your special hosting price.

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