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Since the Internet became a Graphics environment and the World Wide Web was created, we have been on the cutting edge of all the technological advancements so far offered.

The first web sites we created many years ago, were ones we coded the pages ourselves in straight text file. No fancy stuff at that time. Consequently we became expert in the HTML and the other coding languages such as Javascript and CGI.

These days most web site creators are Graphic Artists who use well known graphic programs to set up their pages and this gives them great advantage when it comes to making a site look great!


A web site has to offer more than just looking great! There are so many things 'under the hood' that need creating, tweaking, and manipulating, for a web site to be productive !

We too have Graphic artists on our staff and they are fantastic at what they do, however, they are the first to tell you they are 'Web Page creators not 'Web Site' creators !

Today many complicated web sites are entirely set up using some of the more recent programming codes such as 'PHP' and 'ASP' and once again this is where we come in!

The first step in getting your site going is to choose a style. We have 5000 of them to choose from which we can manipulate so they can become 'your site'.

We have found the cost of giving our clients the best sites available is dramatically reduced using our unique template method. Some of these sites would cost many thousand if they were totally custom built by a reputable company. $150 an hour is commonplace when you deal with a large corporate web site or graphics company and you can imagine how many hours some of these sites would take to build.

So... Go and see our templates then let us know what one you'd like to have as your own.

Remember we can change them to your desire, graphics, colours and of course text.

Web Site Gallery


Choose your template graphic and web site style.

There are a few template styles available..

SHOPS If you want to sell directly to the public this is for you. There are many styles around and many cores which are the engines of the shops. Take a look at the ones we work with.
Most shops actually work the same, it is only the look in many cases which is different.
ShOWCASE-BUSINESS This type is the normal style of web site. It can be for products or services and can either be mainly images or mainly text.
Businesses such as law or accountancy would take the mainly text option.
This is the newest style of website. It is created to enable you to make any future changes to the content of the site. You can add, change, upload images at any time thru an admin area.your screen.
CMS stands for Content Management System.
DATABASES Shops and CMS all come with installed databases.

Give us the images and text you want on your pages.

We incorporate your name and logo into the template then we add the images and text you want, so it becomes 'yours'.

If the images and text areas are exactly the same as the template, then this is the least expensive custom.

If you already have the images of your products etc., give them to us either as printed hard copy or as files on a CD or floppy and we will enhance and insert them into the pages.

Text, such as details, descriptions and headings and subheadings should be given to us in hard copy or as a Word doc file.

In the case of a shop etc., we install your categories and some of your products. Through the administration panel, you can then add as many products as you wish yourself. If you don't have your images yet, we will use sample images.


Forms, E-mail, Databases and other interactive coding.

Here we add the 'interactive' areas of the site such as navigation, forms, e-mail and links

This is one of the most time consuming of the operations however because we already have the graphic template, many hours are already saved.

The more involved your site is, the longer it takes and a lot of time is saved if you know exactly.....

a) what images and text you want on your site
b) where you want them placed.







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